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Health & Safety
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We take Health & Safety seriously.
Commitment to a quality service includes the Health and Safety of our employees and customers.  We pride ourselves in the high standard of safety and workmanship of our employees and since our formation we have had no major or reportable incidents.

Scissor Lifts

Quotrom Ltd is an NICEIC Approved Contractor, a regulatory body for the electrical contracting industry. This means that our work is regularly inspected and that we are authorised to undertake all types of domestic and commercial electrical work.

Boom Lifts

The company is bound by law to conduct risk assessments in the workplace, and we will accordingly take all steps to control foreseeable hazards, and risk of harm, where it is reasonable practicable to do so.

Van Mounted Lifts

Employees will be suitably trained to perform the tasks that they are likely to undertake, to recognise potential risks in the work situation, and not to be asked to perform any tasks that is likely to risk their health.

Traffic Management Services

As a company we take full account of the impact of our operations on health, safety, welfare and the environment. We continually seek to improve on best industry standards.

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